The Traveller

Name:Class/PL:The Traveller / Ancient
Crew Quality: Troops:0
Speed:6In Service:Until 2261
Hull:5Special Rules: Advanced Anti-Fighter 8
Advanced Jump Engine
Flight Computer
Self-Repairing 2D6
Damage:250 / 25Crew:0 / 0

Lightning Array30F12Beam
Triple Damage
Chromatic Pulse Driver10F20AP
Double Damage
Chromatic Pulse Driver10P20AP
Double Damage
Chromatic Pulse Driver10S20AP
Double Damage
Power Drain Field: Any ship approaching within 10" will immediately act as if it were Crippled and Skeleton Crewed (including rolling to see if traits are lost). All effects are immediately reversed once the ship moves further than 10" away.
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